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      Advancing and Retreating Interlink Boxing and Four-Grip Boxing
Advancing and Withdrawing Interlink Boxing and Four-grip Boxing contain two sets of boxing-Advancing and Retreating Interlink Boxing and Four-grip Boxing. Advancing and Retreating Interlink Boxing is a combination exercise of the Five element Boxing. Its structure is very simple and compact. It advances and withdraws very easily in the same movements. It fully reflects the requirement of both elbows not deviating from the rib, both hands not deviating from the heart and following the opponent closely. Four-grip Boxing is a comprehensive set of the Five-element and Twelve Style in the Xingyiquan. Since most of its movements imitate the distinctive movements of the chicken, it is also called “Chicken Shape Four-grip Boxing”. This boxing gives prominence to the Xingyiquan’s feature of getting mind from the form, imitating the form by mind, changing the form by mind, producing the mind by form.

Sifu: Yan, Xue Feng
Publisher: Guangzhou Beauty Culture Communication Co. Ltd.
Number of Disc : 1
Media Type : VCD

Price: US $5.50


Shop & Purchase wushu dvd, vcd, and audio cd of martial arts.