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      Iron Claw Chin Na Technique
Chin Na technique is also called the technique of breaking the sinews and dislocating the joints. Using the iron claws as its basic attacking power, it utilizes the skills hook, grab, pull, wring, kick, strike, throw and trip to attack the enemy until he reached the breaking point of the opponent's sinews and joints. In moderate degree, the opponent will be restrained without being hurt. In grave degree, the opponent will be hurt and have difficulty to heal. This routine is an extraordinary skill in wushu. Its uniqueness lies on its exquisite style and moves. There lies firmness within the flexible moves, and motions within the tranquility. This VCD includes all varieties of Chin Na moves for the viewer's appreciation and practice.

Sifu: Gao, Xiang and Yin, Guo Jie
Publisher: He Nan Dian Zi Media Co.
Number of Disc : 1
Media Type : VCD

Price: US $5.50


Shop & Purchase wushu dvd, vcd, and audio cd of martial arts.