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      Chin Na Series: Iron Claw Chin Na Skills
The skills of Chin Na is also called tendon and bone separation skill, which is aimed at attacking the opponent's soft tendon and joint bases with the use of the iron-like claw by siezing, grasping, pulling, tweaking, and combined with kicking, striking, and throwing skills. These skills are exercised according to the softness limit of the tendon and the contrary reaction of the condyles. As a unique attack skill of the martial arts, the opponent can be defeated without serious injuries. Otherwise, the opponent may be permanently crippled. The main characteristics of this routine is to attack from unique angles with many changes in process. The attack motion is very little, combining still ness and movement, softness and hardness, and changeable hidden moves.

Sifu: Gao, Xiang and Yin, Guo Jie
Publisher: He Nan Dian Zi Media Co.
Number of Disc : 1
Media Type : VCD

Price: US $5.50


Shop & Purchase wushu dvd, vcd, and audio cd of martial arts.