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      Chin Na Series: Tiger Fist San Shou
Tiger fist, a special bionics fist imitating the feral tiger's movements, uses the attacking and defending abilities of a tiger as a reference. It is valuable for actual fighting and is called the King of the Bionics Fist. There are three main characteristics: first, pay attention to attacks and being powerful, second, use claws often and be good at grasping, lastly, mainly attacking the vital points and overwhelming the enemy with one action. The technique used mostly is grasping. Using the tiger claws to grasp the enemy first and control the enemy's whole body, making the enemy passive, making the practitioner agile, giving the enemy a difficult time in evading.

Sifu: Gao, Xiang and Yin, Guo Jie
Publisher: He Nan Dian Zi Media Co.
Number of Disc : 1
Media Type : VCD

Price: US $5.50


Shop & Purchase wushu dvd, vcd, and audio cd of martial arts.