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       The Wudang Cudgel Play
Wudang Mountain is the place where the rites were held by Deity Xuanwu in the legend. So the product, inherit and development of Wudang Kung Fu have been influenced by the Taoist philosophical thinking. The quieting heart, sinking qi, concentrating spirit and smoothing force are the requests of wudang cudgel. It shows the calm of the tortoise and inspiration of the snake in the cudgel techniques. Main methods include striking, pointing, uppercuting, parrying, clouding, sweeping, blocking and supporting, truly showing the Wudang cudgel’s special characteristics of body and weapon becoming one, changing the Yin and Yang each other.

Sifu: You, Xuan De
Publisher: Guangzhou Beauty Culture Communication Co. Ltd.
Number of Disc : 2
Media Type : DVD

Price: US $25.00


Shop & Purchase wushu dvd, vcd, and audio cd of martial arts.